About Atelier ALVES

Atelier ALVES was founded in 2017 by Francis ALVES. The main idea of the company is to bring amazing and unique Ethical Jewelry designs for all classes, creating short collections with unique design, good quality jewelry made of Ethical precious metals and stunning Brazilian gemstones, mostly.

About Designer:
Francis ALVES. Born in 1981 in Campinas - São Paulo, Brasil. Jewelry Designer, 3D modeler in architecture and design domain. Enthusiast of well-designed utility objects, passionate about modern architecture, new technologies, bent wood furniture, fine jewelry and music. His goal is to share and promote the idea of limited pieces collections, unique and innovative jewelry designs in France, Switzerland, Russia, UAE, Brazil and all around the world.

First professional projects for individual clients and companies, Francis ALVES made in 2015. After some little architecture design projects for a few watch companies, he decided to learn more about watch design and setting gemstones, getting the Watch Design Certificate in Geneva - Switzerland and learning setting gemstones classes and workshops.

He learns from the finest Geneva jewelers with many years of experience. Combining all those skills and passions, he started to design rings with Brazilian gemstones (tourmaline paraíba, sapphire, emerald, ruby, aquamarine).

On his work, Francis ALVES is guided mainly by intuition, inspired by travels, nature shapes, architecture (SAPUCAÍ ring and others) and the whole surrounding world. He also experiments with new materials, combining them in order to find new creative challenges. He likes to mix styles and experiment with shapes and forms of jewelry.
His projects are characterized by an original style, difficult to forge (and to forget).