Process to produce your jewelry piece:

Just like a piece of jewelry reflects the wearer’s unique and personal style, it’s chosen manufacturing method is intended to produce a desired signature style. Such styles range from the clean and polished appeal of computer-aided design (CAD) jewelry to the more artisanal lost wax casting method used since ancient times.

3D Modeling & Prototype

Both CAD and lost wax casting have an artistry of their own. Lost wax casting requires jewelry mold making, from which an initial design is replicated, while CAD may be produced by CNC metal molds or 3D printers. Whatever the wearer’s personal style may be, there is a manufacturing method that will satisfy the look they are looking for.

To Final Product

During the past years the jewelry world has undergone a substantial technological revolution introducing innovative 3D graphic computer programs. The advanced CAD (computer & design) program enables jewelry professionals to design and customize each piece of jewelry on the computer. The design can be rotated and examined from every angle and then printed by a state of the art 3D printer, to produce a perfect wax model which will then continue to be casted with Fairmined metals, welded and set with gemstones.

A piece of jewelry is valuable not only for its precious metals, but also for its expert handiwork and style. In collaboration with a skilled jeweler, the possibilities for artful pieces are endless.

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